Aanandashram Sanstha

‘ संस्कृतस्य उन्नत्यर्थमेव निर्मित:।’

‘Created for the very purpose of elevation of Sanskrit.’

    Anandashram is situated the elegant and magnificent building of Anandashram Sanstha in Appa Balwant Chowk, in the heart of Pune city. This institution was founded more than 130 years ago by the renowned and successful High Court Advocate Mr. Mahadevarao Chimanaji Apte ( 1845-1894 A.D). Mahadevarao’s uniqueness lies in donating all his property to the trust he formed for setting up Anandashram Sanstha.At the end of his life Mahadevarao decided to formally and ritually renounce but only after fulfilling his dream of Anandashram with the Shrisachchidananda temple therein. He tried for and got the permission from the British Government, well in advance for his Samadhi below the temple and then was initiated in atursannyas.

    Thereafter, his nephew Mr. Hari Narayan Apte, the famous social reformer and historical and social novelist, thinker, journalist, and Sanskritist, etc. took the work of AnandashramSanstha forward on the three broad objectives outlined by the founder Mr Mahaderao Apte.

    1. Encourage progress of Sanskrit language by publishing books in Sanskrit on all subjects of Hindu religion as well as Indian culture. Further tocollect, archive and preserve manuscripts of historically valuable Sanskrit works making them available to future scholars and researchers.

    2. Build and maintain a temple of Shrisachchidananda Shivashankara

    3. Encourage education of students by providing assistance for lodging, boarding, scholarships etc. The eligible students may study any discipline for subsistence or for their academic interest but should invariably possess very good character.

    Over the years Anandashram Sanstha has been working diligently to progress the objectives set by the founders & much progress has been achieved. Over the years, while the context may have changed, the vision remains very relevant &indeed there is scope to do more work.

We are the 130 year old institute publishing books in Sanskrit. We have published 195 volumes relating to 26 subjects of Hindu Religion and Culture. We also hold more than 15000 manuscripts on above subject. The subjects include Jyotish, Ayurved and Ganit (Maths). Many researchers from various countries have visited our institute to study and if required to take hard or soft copy of the manuscripts.

In order to support the Foreigners visiting Pune, especially to study and research or collect the material in Sanskrit, we are proposing to provide some special services. This includes accommodation of one room for two persons with bed, table, chair and cupboard. We will be charging a concessional price of at 70% of average hotel room in Pune. Our campus is a totally vegetarian area and we can also provide kitchen with utensils to cook the food along with tea and coffee at a minimum charge. We also will provide a washing machine used by our students to wash the clothes.

You are therefore invited to take the benefit of above scheme and fulfill your mission of studying and collecting material in Sanskrit language in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Our email address is anandashramsan@gmail.com


The stone building which is in the centre of the present premises of the Institute houses the library which stores published books as well as the manuscripts collected from places all over India.

The institute has published 146 books and 197 volumes in Sanskrit on various subjects of Hindu religion and Indian culture which run into 64000 pages. All these books are printed after the research done under the supervision of the able Pandits (scholars) engaged by the Institute. In olden days these were printed by Herculean system. After 1950 A.D. such Sanskrit scholars have become rare and unavailable for this time-consuming task. Currently, what is done is only to reprint the old titles. These are in demand by Mathas and Sanskrit Universities, researchers and students from Kanyakumari to Himalayas.

These books are sold very reasonable prices as was the desire of the founder.

Sr. No. Subject Number of Books
1 AlankarSahitya 2
2 Upanishads 24
3 Kavya 3
4 Jyotish6
5 Mathematics9
6 Dharma Shastra 20
7 Smruti 4
8 Neeti 3
9 Nyayshashtra 3
10 Geeta 10
11 Vividha Purana 16
12 Mantrashashtra 3
Sr. No. Subject Number of Books
13 Mimansa 9
14 Yadnik 1
15 Yogashashtra 2
16 Ved 25
17 Vedanga 2
18 Vedanta 22
19 Vaidyashashtra 8
20 Vyakaran 6
21 Shilpa 1
22 Shrauta 14
23 Sangeet 3
24 Charitra Grantha 1

Though 45% of the titles are reprinted and republished during last 25 years, the rest 55% are still waiting for reprint due to shortage of funds. Every year just one or two titles which are in demand get published according to the funds and donations available. Please support this effort thru your generous donations so that this old valuable knowledge can be made available to all.In 2016 the second part of the text “TaittirīyaĀraṇyaka” was reprinted together with ten pages of introduction in English using, for the first time, the new desk top printing technique, whereas the other part is still waiting for the necessary funds.