(For Loan Scholarship for Students in India)

Personal Information

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b) Date of Birth: c) Age:

d) Male / Female:

e) Nationality:

f) Caste: g) Sub-Caste:

h) Religion:

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h) Permanent Residential Address :

k) Present Postal Address :

l) E-mail Id :

j) Family Details :

Name of the Family Members Relationship with Applicants Age Vocation

Details of Program for which Loan Scholarship is requested

a) Name of the Institution :

b) University / Board Affiliation :

c) Degree Course admitted to :

d) Duration of the Course : Years: Dates from : to

e) Total Loan Scholarship Requested:

f) Details of Loan Scholarship previously received from this Trust (from Vidya Nidhi scheme) :

Year Amount (Rs.)


a) The candidate is required to give two references of reputed persons other than his / her relatives who are in a position to testify from their personal knowledge as to the candidate deserving the scholarship applied for:

1. Name in full :

Occupation : Status

Full Residential Address :

Email Id : Phone No. :

2. Name in full :

Occupation: Status:

Full Residential Address :

Email Id: Phone No.:

Declaration by the Applicant

1. I, solemnly declare that the above information furnished by me is true and correct in all respect. Should any part of it be found otherwise, I understand that the Anandashram Sanstha is entitled in taking suitable action against me.

I have gone through the rules and conditions of the Vidya Nidhi of Anandashram Sanstha in connection with the award of a loan scholarship. I solemnly agree to abide by them.

2. I agree that merely submission of preliminary information form does not make me eligible for the next stage of Loan Scholarship and I will abide by the decision of the respective Scholarship Scrutiny Committee, on it.

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